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Are you a company in search of a skilled graphic designer to join your team? Look no further! With VDGD, we offer you the opportunity to have a dedicated graphic designer working for you virtually, right from the comfort of our VRD office. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of having a talented graphic designer on board without the hassle of managing an additional employee.

By opting for our VDGD service, you can bid farewell to concerns about employee benefits, expensive computer equipment, infrastructure costs, software subscriptions, and the burden of providing stock images. We take care of all those details for you, allowing you to focus on your core business objectives.

But that's not all.... When you choose VDGD, we go above and beyond by providing a project manager cum visualizer as an extra benefit. This skilled professional will work hand-in-hand with your dedicated graphic designer, ensuring seamless project management and effective communication throughout the process. This dynamic duo will bring your creative vision to life while ensuring smooth coordination and timely delivery.



With VRD's VDGD service, you gain access to a dedicated graphic designer who will work diligently for you during a 9-hour shift. This ensures that your projects receive the attention they deserve and are completed within your desired timeframe. Our talented graphic designers are well-versed in the latest design trends, techniques, and tools, ensuring that your brand's visual identity is elevated to new heights.

Experience the convenience and cost-efficiency of VRD's VDGD service. Maximize your creative potential without the overhead of traditional in-house hiring. Trust us to deliver exceptional results while you focus on growing your business.

At VRD, we provide substitute resources in case your assigned graphic designer is unavailable, ensuring uninterrupted service and smooth project progress. Your work will not be affected by emergency day-offs, and we have skilled professionals ready to step in seamlessly. Your satisfaction and project success are our top priorities, and we always have a backup plan in place.

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Say goodbye to the challenges of hiring and managing an in-house graphic designer. With VDGD, you can access top-notch graphic design talent without the overhead.

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"Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean."

-Swami Vivekananda

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Frequently asked questions

Ans. VDGD Stands for ‘Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer’, a service model serves as a comprehensive solution for 360-degree design requirements. Initiated in 2018, Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer Service provides brands and organization with talented and truly competent designers that are cost-efficient, effective, and devoted to the brand’s scope of work and requirements

Ans. The VDGD (Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer) service model serves as a comprehensive solution for 360-degree design requirements. It offers two distinct packages: Full-Time and Part-Time, each featuring dedicated and experienced graphic designers along with a project manager proficient in a broad spectrum of tasks, including social media designs, website banners, packaging designs, GIFs, videos, catalogues, company profiles, visiting cards, brochures, logo designing, and various printable designs.

The benefits encompass:

  • A dedicated, experienced graphic designer along with Project Manager
  • No barriers to communication
  • Unmatched delivery timelines and quality work
  • Expertise in all advanced design software
  • Exposure to working with highly established brands
  • No additional charges for multiple revisions
  • Cost-effective pricing and complete control
  • A wide range of design work experience in various industries
  • NDA facility available for your peace of mind

Ans. The service provides you with a Virtual Graphic Designer with at least 3-4 years of experience who works during a 9-hour shift from Monday through Friday. A Project Manager (Visualizer) is assigned to ensure smooth operations, along with an assistant designer.

Ans. Well, the service packages offered by VDGD come with predefined terms and features. However, VDGD may not offer full customization options. Clients are encouraged to discuss their specific needs with the team to explore any potential adjustments or accommodations within the existing service packages. While complete customization may not be available, the team is usually open to finding the best possible solution that aligns with your requirements.

Ans. For any queries related to VDGD service, the support team is available 24x7 to respond and can be reached via phone +91 7060005212, +91 7899365102 or email [email protected] However, solutions will be provided during working hours, which are Monday - Saturday, 10AM - 7PM.

Ans. Certainly, when you partner with VDGD, you will have a dedicated Graphic Designer with good level of experience. However, please note that the Project Manager (Visualizer) is not exclusively dedicated but could be overseeing multiple projects concurrently to ensure efficient workflow and communication.

Ans. Just visit at www.vdgd.virtualrealdesign.com and submit your details. Our support team will reach out to you within 8 Hrs over the phone and will help you with the dedicated designer hiring process. Or raise your queries directly at [email protected]
Note: Hiring process includes sharing available designer’s portfolios of the designers. Scheduling interview with the shortlisted designer. Processing with the agrement and invoice generation processes. Receiving authorization for creating communication channel, introducing the dedicated assigned team and initiating with the project. Turn around time completely depends on the provided brief and the type of tasks assigned to the designer resource and may differ with every other new task.

Ans. Absolutely! Client can feel free to ask for changes! With VDGD (Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer) service, it's all about making things work for the client. The dedicated designer is here to tweak and refine until it's spot-on and just how the client want it. Client satisfaction is our priority!

Ans. Not to worry if your designer is unavailable! Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer service has you covered. If the dedicated designer can't make it due to an emergency, we've got substitute designers ready to step in. They follows your project closely, so they're up to speed and ready to keep things running smoothly. Your design journey is in good hands!

Ans. Absolutely not! With Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer service, you won't be charged extra for using images or videos from the selected stock websites like Freepik and Envato Elements. Your dedicated designer has access to these platforms, ensuring a fair and inclusive service.
If the client has specific preferences from other platforms, then client can purchase those images and video clips along with the license, and the resource will make it work seamlessly! Client satisfaction is our priority!

Ans. Absolutely! Your secrets are safe with us! Our Virtual Dedicated Graphics Designer service includes an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Your privacy is our priority, and we're committed to keeping your projects confidential. Your trust means everything to us!

Ans. Certainly! Our Virtual Dedicated Graphic Designer can be your multi-brand magician. They function just like an in-house team member and can handle multiple brands introduced by the same client. Your designer is a versatile pro who's got your back across all your brands. We're here to make your design journey seamless!

Ans: VDGD service is quite flexible when it comes to lock in periods. It doesn’t have a lockin period. However, the client would need to inform VRD just 15 days prior via email [email protected], closing the project.

Ans: A holiday calendar will be shared with the client for holiday acknowledgement. Or the client can share their own holiday calendar.

Ans: VRD working days are Monday - Friday. However, if any of the clients want the designer to work on any Saturday, then the resource can be available on Saturday as well. Saturday working will be a paid service and will be adjusted to the monthly bills.

Ans: Assigning a sample task before taking the subscription is not possible; however, multiple designer’s portfolios will be shared with the client. So that they can choose the most suitable designer for their needs.

Ans: Yes, from the provided portfolios, the client may choose at least two of the suitable designers and interview them. So that the finalized designer can be confirmed for the project.

Ans: No, dedicated design resources will be responsible only for the required designs. However, the content for the designs will be provided by the client.

Ans: No, VRD does not charge separately for the project manager or for the substitute resource. The other two resources are the additional benefits of the package. Removing the project manager or the substitute resource won’t make any deductions from the package cost.

Ans: No, a one week trial facility is not available with VDGD service. The minimum trial period you can opt for is 15 days.


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